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More and More Lobbyists With Obama   November 15th, 2008
Apparently they're unavoidable       


More observations...

The presence and possible influence of lobbyists in Obama's transition--once rejected by Obama in a then-potential future administration--continues to increase... with dozens of lobbyists (or people that pay lobbyists) becoming part of Obama's transition team.


Among the full roster of about 150 staff members being assigned to government agencies between now and Inauguration Day are dozens of former lobbyists and some who were registered as recently as this year. Many more are executives and partners at firms that pay lobbyists, and former government officials who work as consultants or advisers to those seeking influence.

I guess Obama's utopian message of "change" is hitting the brick wall of reality:

Transition officials said that their policy went further than any previous White House to avoid self-dealing or influence-trading in the formation of the new administration, and that in the modern Washington it would be foolish to try to eliminate anyone who had worked in public policy for a private interest -- or who had a family member in that business -- from contributing to the transition.

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