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New Article: The Unsoundness of Social Security   October 7th, 2012

The belief that Social Security is "solvent" through 2034 is nonsense. Social Security is already running deficits and is only being sustained by cashing in government bonds--and those bonds can only be paid by the federal government as long as it can borrow the money from the public. Social Security is only as "solvent" as the federal government, and it's very unlikely that the federal government will be able to make good on all the money it owes to Social Security through 2034. And once the federal government is unable to make good on those obligations, Social Security is bankrupt.  Continue reading the article...


Past Article: The Myth of a Housing-Driven Recovery   September 19th, 2012

I'm sorry to disappoint Obama and Democrats--and those that are honestly hoping this will lift them out of Obama's recession--but housing is not going to "recover" anytime soon, and it won't be "crucial" to an eventual jobs recovery that ends the Obama malaise.  Continue reading the article...


Past Article: Global Warming Killed by Intelligent Design   August 5th, 2012

Now, a recent global warming propaganda "study" says that meteorological and climate events over the last few years are so statistically rare that they must be man-made global warming. Translation: Global warming has been debunked by science.  Continue reading the article...


Past Article: ObamaCare Isn't the First Individual Mandate   July 2nd, 2012

The ObamaCare ruling serves to remind us just how far we've let things go and highlights just how many things the government is doing that should be considered unconstitutional. While ObamaCare certainly must be repealed, we'd be remiss if we stop there. We must revisit the tax code and the 16th amendment that have authorized the government to compel action unrelated to the payment of taxes.  Continue reading the article...