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Good News Ignored by Obama   February 19th, 2009
He'll probably change his tune soon, but for now seems intent on talking down economy       


More observations...

In my opinion, a president should do everything he can to encourage the country in tough times. That doesn't mean he should lie, but he should be positive and optimistic despite the challenges. He should seize on good news and trumpet it for all to hear so as to create an air of optimism and confidence. President Obama has been doing the exact opposite.

Obviously some--maybe most--of that was to make things look as grim as possible to justify the spending package he so dearly wanted. Now that he's got his spending bill, perhaps he'll start talking up the economy so that the economy will actually start improving and he can credit his spending bill--or the confidence he'll claim the spending package inspired if the economy turns around before any significant money is spent.

Yes, there's plenty of bad news out there. And the president has certainly been eager to make sure we know about it--and consumer confidence has cratered as a result.

But there has also been plenty of good news that the Obama administration should have been celebrating and talking up... but hasn't. I've been writing comments on these over the last few months but it's just gotten so repetitive that I don't feel there's a reason to write a new comment on every example of arguably good news that the administration ignores.

Update 2/20/2009: Bill Clinton has now suggested that Obama be more positive, too.

So I'm going to start putting examples on this page. As more examples of the Obama administration ignoring good news occur, I'll simply add those examples to this page. I'm going to keep documenting it.

Again, the purpose of this page isn't to suggest that the economy is ok. It's not. But considering that many people believe that the commander-in-chief should be the "cheerleader-in-chief" when it comes to the economy, these are things we should've heard the president highlight. And we didn't. And I think the value of him highlighting these types of things would do far more good to inspire confidence in the economy than the $787 billion spending bill.

    5/5/2009 Bernanke: Economy to turn up
    5/4/2009 Pending home sales jump 3.2%
    5/4/2009 Surprise rise in construction spending
    5/1/2009 Consumer Sentiment Rises in April
    04/30/2009 New Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Drop
    04/29/2009 Rebound In Consumer Spending Cheers Retail Stocks
    03/27/2009 Consumer sentiment improved in February
    03/27/2009 Consumer spending up in February
    03/25/2009 New Home Sales up 4.7% in February
    03/25/2009 Durable goods orders up 3.4%
    03/24/2009 Home prices rise 1.7% in January
    03/23/2009 Existing home sales increase 5.1%
    03/17/2009 Housing starts jump unexpectedly
    03/12/2009 January and February retail sales better than expected
    03/10/2009 AT&T to hire 3000 this year
    03/05/2009 Unexpected drop in new jobless claims
    03/02/2009 ISM Manufacturing index rises 2nd month in a row
    03/02/2009 Consumer spending increases in January
    02/19/2009 Leading economic indicators jump 0.4%, second monthly increase in a row
    02/17/2009 Bank lending remains resilient
    02/17/2009 Homebuilder sentiment up in February
    02/12/2009 Retail sales jump 1% in January, first increase in 6 months
    02/11/2009 Federal Reserve expects economy to begin to recover later this year
    02/04/2009 ISM non-manufacturing index increased from 40.1 to 42.9
    02/04/2009 Buffet suggests it's time to invest in stock market
    02/03/2009 Pending home sales up 6.3%
    01/26/2009 Many economists believe recovery will begin after 2nd quarter of 2009
    01/26/2009 Leading economic indicators defy expectations, increase 0.3%
    01/08/2009 CBO predicts slow recovery in 2010
    01/06/2009 ISM non-manufacturing index increased from 37.3 to 40.6
    01/05/2009 Construction spending higher than expected

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