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Mixed Message from Obama on Guns   November 11th, 2008
Does he support gun rights or is it a low priority?       


More observations...

An article today reported what could be read as slightly conflicting signals on Obama's position on gun rights.


Buyers and sellers attribute the surge to worries that Obama and a Democratic-controlled Congress will move to restrict firearm ownership, despite the insistence of campaign aides that the president-elect supports gun rights and considers the issue a low priority.

I have to ask: Does Obama "support gun rights" or is it a "low priority?" If someone supports gun rights then the issue basically has no priority unless that person supports rolling back existing restrictions on gun rights. I don't think Obama has any intent to enhance gun rights so the fact that the issue has "low priority" seems to suggest to me, perhaps, it is on his to-do list. Granted, not at the same level as the economy or the War in Iraq. But given the possibility that the current financial situation may limit Obama's ability to proceed with some of his more ambitious plans that require a lot of money, it's not impossible that "low priority" issues could gain importance as Obama tries to do something to keep his supporters happy in the absence of money to do the big, expensive things.

Or it's entirely possible I'm reading too much into the above statement. I found it interesting enough, though, that it caught my eye.

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