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More Confirmation of Global Warming Agenda   January 28th, 2009
It becomes more clear every day what it's really about       


More observations...

I wrote a couple of days ago about the "thousand-year global warming is inevitable" prediction. And I asked, "What's the point of worrying about it, then?" Of course, we knew what their answer would be... that not worrying about it would make it worse. But it seems, in an article today, the global warming lobby has once again revealed their true motives.


What the study, published Tuesday, and some earlier ones have done is raise the bar for policy changes. Many scientists now say that while it's crucial for individuals to reduce their carbon footprints, bigger strategies that can only come from government are necessary.

"This is a global problem and while individuals can do some, it needs concerted national leadership and international agreements," said Trenberth, who was not involved in the study.

This isn't about global warming or the environment. This is about certain people trying to hype a theory to such a degree that it requires government. It's absolutely insulting to suggest that individuals can only "do some." If the problem is how much CO2 we produce, it all comes down to individuals.

It doesn't require government action to prevent people from burning their own homes down. It doesn't require government action to prevent people from drinking cyanide with their soft drink. And it doesn't require government action to prevent people from hitting themselves with a hammer. Why? Because individuals know these things are bad for them.

The global warming crowd knows it can't convince the public. In fact, the public has been moving away from believing that humans are responsible for global warming. And, as I predicted in that same link, we're now being exposed to a full court press and a PR campaign to try to re-convince the public of the threat.

But no matter... individuals apparently can't do much anyway. Only government and the international community can fix this problem. That message alone should be a huge red flag.

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