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The Republican Counterproposal   January 28th, 2009
5% across-the-board tax cuts, freeze on taxes on capital gains and dividends       


More observations...

Excellent! The Republicans have actually put forward a counter-proposal rather than just seeking a compromise on the Democratic stimulus package.


Far from rolling over, House Republican leaders are trying to win concessions from President Obama over the massive economic stimulus package and have proffered a bill of their own to put on the negotiating table.

The counter-package would shift focus entirely from spending to tax relief. Though a full House vote on the Democratic package is expected in a matter of hours and passage seems likely, GOP lawmakers are hoping their substitute proposal at least influences the final product...

"If government spending was going to get us out of this mess, we'd have been out a long time ago, because that's all we've been doing," said Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio. "This is not going to work. That's why we've got a bill we think will work."

Bingo! Just like I said, the government has been engaged in massive deficit spending for nearly a decade. That hasn't helped us and it seems ridiculous to believe that even more deficit spending is going to help. I'm glad a Republican elected official said it and it made the news.

Republicans said they're not just trying to make a political point, but put forward a proposal that reflects the wishes of their constituents.

"Bipartisan does not mean that either side should be giving up what their principles are," said Rep. Scott Garrett, R-N.J.


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