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CNN Says We Don't Need the Truth   June 26th, 2012
Journalism is dead when jouranlists tell us we don't need to know       


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Journalism died in the mainstream media long ago. We all know that. But from time to time the media seems to make an extra effort to prove that they're no longer journalists but rather the unapologetic propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

Consider this silly and insulting op-ed published today on CNN:

Article Title: Don't be nosy about Fast and Furious

Times have changed. Yet, not everything is our business. And in the political arena, there are things that should be and need to be kept quiet...

We have allowed weapons to cross the Mexican border and into the hands of criminals for years. Many of these weapons were involved in killing innocent Mexicans. There's nothing very admirable about that. But the truth is, it's very American...

And maybe it's better for us not to be so nosy, not to know everything because, to paraphrase the famous line from the movie "A Few Good Men," many of us won't be able to handle the truth.

Contrary to the author's assertion, there's nothing "American" about looking the other way when our government has been complicit in killing innocent Mexicans.

The author tries to portray Fast & Furious as similar to the Iran-Contra affair that helped freedom fighters in Nicaragua, or to last year's application of justice on Bin Laden. Most of us understand there are certain national security matters we can't know everything about.

But there is nothing about Fast & Furious that suggests this is one of those matters.

In Fast & Furious, guns were allowed to walk into Mexico. No meaningful attempt was made to track them. The Mexican government was not notified. As a result, hundreds of Mexican civilians died along with U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

And given the absolute failure to track the guns, it's hard to see how any other outcome could've been expected.

This would appear to go beyond negligence because no-one can be so stupid as to allow guns to walk across the border into the hands of Mexican cartels, un-tracked, and expect any other outcome. It's hard to make the argument this was a botched law enforcement operation. They can't say that the intent of the operation was to track the weapons but, oops, they forgot to do the part where they actually tracked the weapons.

This was government-mandated arms trafficking to drug cartels.

Yet the media is telling us, through op-eds, that we don't need the truth?

Actually, we DO need the truth. And that's why more and more people aren't depending on CNN and the mainstream media for it.

By publishing op-eds like this, the mainstream media is telling us that if we want the truth, we'll have to look elsewhere. And if CNN and the mainstream media aren't going to bring us the truth, what is their purpose?

It's disgusting that CNN would tell us that killing innocent Mexicans is "very American."

It's disgusting that CNN would suggest that we don't need to know what happened and we shouldn't ask questions when a journalist's purpose is to ask the question and let us know what happened.

It's insulting that CNN would tell us we can't handle the truth.

But the truth on this matter will be known whether or not CNN and the mainstream media tries to shield Obama from that truth.

And, in the process, CNN and the mainstream media have demonstrated once again that they are no longer journalists, no longer in the business of reporting the truth, and no longer relevant.

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