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Obama Pivots Away From Jobs   May 10th, 2012
Where are the jobs?       


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Did you hear the great news? The economy is in great shape and has created sufficient jobs for everyone that wants one. How do I know? Because Obama and the Democrats have pivoted away from jobs and they'd only do that if everyone had a job. Right?

You heard it right. It's not unemployment, our national debt, our deficit, foreclosures, or Europe that citizens of America are concerned about. These are the things people worry about in a recession. But since Obama and the Democrats have pivoted away from jobs, things must be looking up, right?

After all, in recent weeks Obama and the Democrats have pivoted away from jobs to these issues:
  • Obama's Pivot to War on Women. Obama and Democrats tried to invent and encourage a supposed War on Women. Though Sandra Fluke received a call from the president to offer her consolation after she was taken to task by a talk show host, Bristol Palin was left waiting for a call that never came after years of being savaged by liberals. So apparently it wasn't so much a war on women, but a conservative response to a liberal that Obama had a problem with. It's pretty clear that no jobs were created, except for maybe a few liberal lobbyists employed to fan the flames of this alleged war on women. Meanwhile, the real war on women was Obama's given that 324,000 women have dropped out of Obama's economy in the last two months.

  • Obama's Pivot to Student Loans. Obama tried to make a political issue out of subsidized student loan interest rates. This was strictly political since--though I would argue the government shouldn't be involved in this at all--both Republicans and Democrats agreed that the subsidized rate should be extended. But Obama dove in and muddied the waters to make an issue where there was none. And there was very little talk about the fact that if there were actually jobs for graduates, the unsubsidized 6.8% interest rate wouldn't be all that unaffordable. But once Obama had milked that issue for all it was worth politically, it suddenly gave way to the next issue.

  • Obama's Pivot to Gay Marriage. That's right, miracle of miracles, Obama has finally "evolved" his position on gay marriage to the point that he came out in favor of gay marriage. Not that anyone ever really had any doubt, nor did anyone really believe his "evolving position" nonsense. Everyone just pretended he supported traditional marriage while always knowing he didn't. But now, in May 2012 while the economy is blossoming, Obama decided it was time to come out of the closest and announce that which everyone already knew. No word yet on how many jobs this will create.

  • Democrats Pivot to Civil Unions in Colorado. Coincidentally timed with Obama's coming-out, Democrats in Colorado also pivoted away from jobs to the important issue of civil unions by springing a civil union bill into the House in the waning days of the legislative session. When Republican leadership would have nothing of it, Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper thought this was important enough to call a special session. No word yet on why Democrats didn't bring this issue up several years ago when they controlled the House, Senate, and governor's mansion. And no word yet on how many jobs this will create.

In short, voters could be excused for thinking that the economy must be on the mend. With so many Democrats talking about anything except the economy, the economy must be doing ok. Right?

Unfortunately, not so much.

Unemployment is still in excess of 8% even with the government's goofy math. Real unemployment exceeds 14%. Millions of Americans have been out of work for record lengths of time. Hundreds of billions of fiscal stimulus and trillions of dollars in printed money have failed to revive the economy. Europe is collapsing and is like an anvil that's just waiting to drop on our economy. Our national debt is approaching $16 trillion while our annual deficit continues around a trillion dollars, something that isn't helped by the fact that Democrats in the Senate haven't passed a budget in over three years. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are ready to destroy our government's finances in a few short years, to say nothing of Obamacare.

And yet Obama and the Democrats have decided to pivot away from jobs.

The reason is obvious. Obama and the Democrats have done nothing to help the economy since they took office. In fact, their policies have been counterproductive and made the recession worse and made it last longer. They're gambling the economic future of the United States and they obviously have no way to answer that reality.

So while Democrats know that "It's still the economy and we're not stupid," they'd rather distract with social issues than face their dismal record on the economy. Even though they know everyone will be rolling their eyes marveling at how tone-deaf they are talking about these social issues while millions of citizens remain out of work, it's obvious that they'd rather do that than confront the reality of the Obama economy.

So in November, after months of ugly and divisive campaigning on every other issue Democrats can invent, the voters of America will be asking just one question: Where are the jobs?

And voters are going to vote their pocketbook.

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