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$2.4 Trillion In Perspective   August 3rd, 2011
These are really, really, really big numbers we're talking about       


More observations...

Politicians just gave themselves permission to take us another $2.4 trillion in debt. How much is that, really? Here's a brief historical perspective.

  • American Revolution
  • Founding of the United States of America
  • War of 1812
  • Mexican-American War
  • Civil War
  • Spanish-American War
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Rebuilt Europe
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam
  • Creation of strongest military in the history of mankind
  • Built interstate highway system
  • Multiple space probes to planets throughout the solar system
  • Six manned landings on the moon

And after the United States of America had done all of the above over the course of our first 211 years--from 1776 to 1987--our debt was still just $2.35 trillion in September 1987.

But we're going to increase our debt by another $2.4 trillion in about the next year and a half... more than we did in our first two centuries as a country!

Do you think we're going to build a brand new interstate system over that period of time? Witness even a single manned landing on the moon or Mars?

After we blow another $2.4 trillion, what do you think we'll have to show for it?

Just something to think about.

    NOTE: Yes, I understand how inflation factors into the above. But that just illustrates yet another problem our country faces: The devaluation of our currency.

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