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Obama: Caricature of 'West Wing'   June 29th, 2011
Now Obama is using bad lines from an old comedy TV series       


More observations...

The rich and private jets? You would think President Obama might have thought twice about using bad 'tax-the-rich' lines that were rejected even in a comedy TV series about the presidency a decade ago.

"If you are a wealthy CEO ... your taxes are lower than they've ever been," said Obama. He said if certain tax cuts were eliminated, "You can still afford to ride on your private jet, you're just going to have to pay a little more."

Private jets... Really?

I guess if you wait long enough, this president will even use bad lines from a decade-old TV show to slam the wealthy.

The whole "private jets" line was mocked as "bad writing" by Sam Seaborn in the old West Wing show. While I don't agree with everything expressed in this clip (nor the bias of the program itself), I thought it was humorous to see President Obama use a line about private jets.

Criticizing the wealthy for their "private jets" is a line that was derided even in the liberal West Wing show as "bad writing" and "sounds like it was written by a high school girl."

Obama is now a caricature of a liberal comedy about the office he now holds. Priceless.

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