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News Aggregator Online   December 7th, 2008
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As of this evening I've added a news aggregator to the website. What this does is allow you to visit the aggregator link and get a list of all the relevant headlines of the last 24 hours. The site is currently pulling headlines from CNN, CBS, and Fox. But you can see all the headlines quickly and easily right here at this site and then click on the stories you're interested in and read them at the original sites.

I've been using this system myself for the last few days and I find it to be a very comfortable and easy way to stay on top of the latest news. I used to go to each news site and then drill down into each sub-section (politics, world, business, etc.) to make sure I'd seen all of the headlines. Now I just go to this link and see all the headlines immediately without having to dig. I can then spend time reading the headlines that interest me rather than having to hunt for the stories of interest.

Right now the aggregator is pulling news from CNN, CBS, and Fox. I plan on adding more news sources in the future and may add additional features to the site itself so that visitors can mark the headlines they've read, perhaps rate the articles or comment on them, etc.

Also keep in mind that only headlines in areas that I consider relevant to this site will be displayed. Specifically, articles in politics, U.S., world, business, and science. If you're looking for the latest entertainment or sports news, you won't find it here (unless it slips into the wrong news feed somehow).

For more information on the news aggregator, please click here. To access the headlines themselves, please click here.

I hope you find this feature useful. Please let me know if you have any ideas that would make the system more useful or easy to use.

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