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Winning the Future with ObamATM 2012   June 17th, 2011
In 2012, Automate the Presidency!       


More observations...

  Ok, it's Friday and I couldn't resist a little silliness...

Next year, automate the presidency by voting for ObamATM 2012! After all, you've lost your job to an ATM so it's only fair that the president lose his job to an ATM!

(Click image below for full size campaign/GOTV postcard)

NOTE: For those missing the humor, President Obama recently blamed ATM's and airport kiosks for job loss. If you believe that ATMs and kiosks really are bad for the economy and drive up unemployment, please refer to this article and this article. It should go without saying that technological advances are a good thing for the economy. That President Obama thinks otherwise is disturbing.

NOTE #2: If it's still not funny after reading the previous paragraph, it's because I'm not a comedian.

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