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Sal Pace Running For Congress... In What State?   May 31st, 2011
But what state will he be running in?       


More observations...

[Colorado] House Minority Leader Sal Pace confirmed today what everybody at the Capitol suspected all session: He's running for Congress...

But will Pace and Tipton wind up in the same district, and a district that is winnable by a Democrat?

The normally outspoken Pace was unusually silent this year when Democrats unveiled their first set of redistricting maps, which placed Pueblo in with El Paso County. The matter is now before a judge.

Indeed, Pace's plans could be impacted by Colorado's final redistricting map which is currently being worked on by the courts.

Rumor has it that Colorado courts will approve a Democrat-supported map that redraws Pueblo into New Mexico--potentially complicating Pace's plans. This redistricting map--though opposed by the state of New Mexico and everyone with common sense--is supported by Colorado Democrats who claim there is an important transportation corridor that links Pueblo to New Mexico and that is clearly a more important consideration than things like communities of interest or, say, state lines. Indeed, Colorado Democrats felt the district should be "competitive" and there's no reason why citizens of New Mexico shouldn't have a reasonable shot at winning the district.

Note: The previous paragraph is just a bad joke... just like Sal Pace's candidacy.

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