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Americans Give Obama High Marks   December 4th, 2008
For doing nothing       


More observations...

Clearly Obama is enjoying his honeymoon with the American public. His handling of the terrorist attacks in India got higher approval ratings than that of Bush... even though all Obama did was defer to Bush.


And in a sign that Obama is enjoying a honeymoon with Americans right now, 64 percent of those polled approve of how he handled the terrorist attack in India. That's 15 points higher than President Bush scored in the survey, even though Obama made clear during the crisis that there can be only one American president at a time and that he was deferring to Bush when it came to any American response.

If there was any doubt that Obama can do no wrong, this should pretty much erase that doubt. When Obama gets 15% higher scores for doing nothing more than deferring to Bush, you know you're in an alternate reality where equally irrational Obama-love and Bush-hate are strongly in play.

It'll be interesting to see how long this honeymoon will last. It seems Obama is intentionally trying to be decidedly "hands off" and trying to avoid, as much as possible, hinting as to what he'll do when he takes office. The cynic in me has a hard time believing that that's for any reason other than wanting to take office with his same high approval ratings (currently 67% ) he's enjoying now. I suspect he knows that as soon as he starts doing or saying anything decisive, his honeymoon will come to an end.

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