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The Realities of ObamaCare   March 10th, 2011
This is what happens when you pass unconstitutional, anti-free market legislation       


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The fallout from ObamaCare just keeps piling up. In addition to thousands of companies, the entire state of Maine has been issued an ObamaCare waiver. Meanwhile, far fewer companies are expecting to provide health coverage in the future as prices and uncertainty skyrocket.

First up, we have Maine:

The federal government Tuesday granted Maine a waiver of a key provision in President Obama's health care overhaul, citing the likelihood that enforcement could destabilize the state's market for individual health insurance...

Maine's individual insurance market has been volatile, with big premium increases attributed in part to the small number of enrollees and lack of competition. There have been fears the market could collapse altogether.

Indeed, ObamaCare is such that it will decrease (not increase) competition in the market. This inevitably leads to higher prices and, in extreme cases, to the collapse or abuse of the market as is feared in Maine. The truth is that ObamaCare damages health insurance markets everywhere, it's just that more robust markets might be able to absorb the damage a little longer while weak markets in places like Maine may be pushed over the edge almost immediately.

But the damage won't be isolated to Maine. The damage caused by ObamaCare will be nationwide.

In related news, far fewer employers expect to be providing health coverage to their employees in the future:

Employer confidence in offering health coverage ten years from now has fallen dramatically.

In 2007, the Towers Watson survey of employers showed they were 73% confident that they'd be offering health insurance in a decade. That dropped sharply to 38% in 2010.

Obama said that "if you like your health plan, you can keep it." While it might be true that the government won't explicitly force you out of a plan, you can't keep a plan if your employer discontinues it or if the insurance company stops offering it. Based on the above survey, it would appear that ObamaCare has led to half of those employers who were planning on providing health care coverage to no longer do so. If the goal of ObamaCare was to increase coverage, it is having the exact opposite effect.

Personally, my health insurance is an individual plan that I purchased when I was self-employed. When I started working for an employer I opted to keep my individual insurance so I could keep it if/when I changed jobs. I'm thankful I made that choice. Since my plan has been grandfathered in, as long as the plan continues to exist I can keep it even after ObamaCare kicks in, even if I change jobs. Had I opted to go with employer-provided coverage, changing jobs would subject me to new plans mandated by ObamaCare that may very well have been more expensive and with fewer benefits.

Even so, my premium increased this January by an astounding 25%. This is the largest health insurance rate increase I've been subjected to in my entire life. I'd like to switch to a plan with slightly different benefits, but I can't because then I'd lose my "grandfathered in" status and would be at increased risk of losing my coverage when ObamaCare fully kicks in.

Every indication is that ObamaCare is reducing freedom, causing fewer choices in health insurance, causing more people to lose the health insurance they have, and driving prices higher for those of us who are able to keep our insurance.

Just like conservatives predicted.

ObamaCare must be overturned by the courts, it must be repealed by Congress, and we must make sure Obama is a one-term president.

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