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Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Graph   November 21st, 2010
New data online, updated automatically       


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For those that are interested in keeping an eye on the Federal Reserve, my website will now automatically download the central bank's asset data directly from the Federal Reserve and update the online graph.

The permanent link is at: http://www.craigsteiner.us/FederalReserve

The permanent link page will produce a full-sized graph similar to the following, and it will be updated automatically on a weekly basis as the Federal Reserve updates the data online. In addition to plotting the Federal Reserve balance sheet, the graph will also include major monetary policy milestones; so far, TARP, QE1, and QE2. This makes it easier to see how each policy affected the Federal Reserve's balance sheet.

Keeping track of the Federal Reserve's balance sheet is as important (possibly more important) than keeping track of the national debt.

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