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Maes Ties Democrat Opponent   August 25th, 2010
Meanwhile, Tancredo still sinking       


More observations...

The latest polling indicates that Republican Dan Maes ties the Democrat in a 2-way race, and Tancredo continues to lose support in the current 3-way race.

2010 Governor
41% Hickenlooper (D), 33% Maes (R), 16% Tancredo (AC)
45% Maes (R), 45% Hickenlooper (D)

In a head-to-head race, Republican Dan Maes ties the Democrat opponent in the most recent polling. This will be a competitive two-way race that can realistically be won.

Meanwhile, in a 3-way race, Tancredo was at 24%, then 18%, and now at 16%. The Democrat also lost a couple points. Dan Maes was the only one to gain ground in this latest poll.

There's a trend here. The 2-way race is becoming more competitive while Tancredo's campaign continues to sink in a 3-way race. Tancredo's assertion that Republicans have no chance of winning is obviously incorrect.

Mr. Tancredo, please withdraw. Please!

    Update 8/25/2010 11PM: As Merlin Klotz points out, there are some encouraging trends that may be developing. As Hickenlooper has been exposed to a little more scrutiny after the primary, his poll numbers are starting to drop below their previous minimum. Tancredo is on a constant downward trajectory while Dan Maes seems to be the only candidate that is gaining ground. While I don't want to diminish the importance of Tancredo withdrawing so we can focus all our energy on Hickenlooper, the trends in this graph indicate that all may not be lost even if Tancredo decides to make his best effort at sabotaging the race by staying in.

        Credit: Graph by Merlin Klotz.

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