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I'd like to know if you'd like to be able to create an account and participate in this site       


More observations...

I'm getting quite a bit of feedback about the articles and comments I'm writing. I'm curious how many of you would be interested in being able to create an account on this site and being able to write comments in response to articles, or participate in message forums... much like blog sites?

I'm considering expanding the website to allow people to create their own accounts. Once you create an account you'd be able to write messages in response to my articles and messages, and I think I'd create a message forum area where we could all discuss politics, the economy, current events, etc.

I also have a concern about the content that others may post to the site. On one hand it'd be great to have a more public exchange with the people that write me (and those that don't). On the other hand I'm not sure the Internet needs yet another message forum; and while I'd very much like a healthy, rational debate with both those that do and don't agree with me, I fear that opening the site up to the public would run the risk of allowing extremists that I don't endorse to post messages on a site that carries my name. And I don't want to get into a situation where I'd be censoring messages. So I'm sort of in a catch-22 and am not sure how to move forward.

Please contact me and let me know if you'd be interested in participating if I were to add those features, and also if you have any ideas on how I could address the concerns I mentioned in the previous paragraph.


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