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McCain's Colorado Campaign Chair Fundraising for Hickenlooper   August 16th, 2010
Time for individuals to step up and donate $$$       


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Attention Conservatives: The former chairman of John McCain's Colorado presidential campaign is now fundraising not for a Republican, not even for some other ex-Republican, but for the Democrat nominee for governor of Colorado.

Three major business leaders with strong ties to the Republican party, including the former chairman of U.S. Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign in Colorado, are giving support to Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's gubernatorial campaign...

The other Republican co-hosts are Greg Maffei, chief executive of Liberty Media and former chairman of McCain's presidential campaign in Colorado.. "The mayor has been a personal good friend of mine," Maffei said. "And he's done an excellent job with the city, and will be a good person to address the state's issues."

It's worth repeating: the former chairman of McCain's presidential campaign in Colorado is now fundraising for a Democrat. Aside from providing additional confirmation of why conservatives were never thrilled with McCain, this shows that those with money that are ostensibly "tied to the Republican party" are really tied to their own personal influence or personal relationships.

Reading the above-quoted article at the Denver Post, one could easily believe that this seemingly amazing development is something recent... perhaps even caused by Republicans' elected nominee. That is not the case. As the Denver Post reported in March--before we knew who would be our nominee--Maffei was putting his personal relationships before principle.

As reported on March 28, 2010:

Soon after he began considering a run for Colorado governor in December, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper spoke to his close friend Greg Maffei. The Liberty Media Corp. chief executive said he thought the job was a good fit for Hickenlooper and urged him to run.

It was one of several conversations with key individuals that helped persuade Hickenlooper to join the race.

This one was unusual, however, because Hickenlooper is a Democrat and Maffei is one of the state's top fundraisers for Republican candidates.

So we have a major Republican fundraiser encouraging a Democrat to run, and now helping that Democrat with fundraising. And we have the Denver Post implying that it was a recent development, a slight against our nominee.

We have a Republican nominee and we need to get behind him. But that cannot be limited to Facebook postings, emails, displaying signs, wearing t-shirts, and even actively volunteering. Campaigns cost money, and big money donors are ramping up to give the leftist candidate all the money he needs to swamp TV and radio with advertisements. Those ads cannot go unanswered or he will define the debate, define himself, and define Republican Dan Maes.

More importantly, if Dan Maes is not present on the airwaves, the Democrat may actually engage Tancredo instead. He very well may try to define this as a Democrat vs. Tancredo election rather than Democrat vs. Republican. Democrats don't want to run against Republicans this election cycle because they lose. But if the Republican is absent from the airwaves because he can't afford it, the Democrats will likely run against the person they can beat: Tancredo.

Republicans, conservative activists, tea party, 912 groups, and patriots: Everyone needs to donate money (yes, MONEY!) to the campaign of the Republican candidate for governor so he has the money to pay for airtime. So he can be heard outside of conservative circles.


There are those encouraging $5 contributions. If that's all you can afford, contribute $5. But if you can afford more, please contribute more. Big money power brokers will control the political process as long as they are the major sources of campaign funding. Want to break the cycle? Then it's time for individuals to get serious and support their candidates with money. When individuals contribute more money than power brokers, the people will be the power brokers.


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