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Tancredo Tanks   August 13th, 2010
Time for Mr. Tancredo to leave the race       


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Short and sweet... Tom Tancredo comes in a distant third in the Colorado governor's race and it's time for him to pull out.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Colorado Voters finds Hickenlooper, the mayor of Denver, with 43% support. Businessman Dan Maes, the winner of Tuesday's Republican Primary, captures 31% of the vote, while American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo trails with 18%...

This is the first poll conducted since Maes won the Republican primary.

It shows Maes with a bit more support than he had before the primary and Tancredo with a bit less support.

It's time for Tom Tancredo to pull the plug. It's not like he doesn't have name recognition or that people don't know he's running. People know him and they know he's running, and he's losing ground and is now a distant third. He also doesn't pull a majority of voters from any block, not even Republicans. Tancredo has no chance of winning but can guarantee the Democrat wins.

This poll proves what I wrote two weeks ago: Tancredo simply isn't a viable statewide candidate.

On July 22nd Tancredo made his ultimatum: "I am asking for a public commitment from both Scott McInnis and Dan Maes that they will do what is right for the state of Colorado. Regardless of the outcome of the Primary election on August 10, on August 11 the winner must agree to remove himself from consideration if polling on that date shows that he is losing the race for Governor."

Well, the polling after the primary has come out and Tancredo isn't winning. He isn't even in second place.

For the good of conservatism, it's time for Mr. Tancredo to listen to his own ultimatum and get out of the race so conservatism has a fighting chance in November.

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