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Obama's "Mission Accomplished" Moment   December 7th, 2009
We'll see...       


More observations...

It's entirely possible that President Obama has just had his "Mission Accomplished" moment.

Obama said the U.S., "for all practical purposes" has stopped losing jobs but that the challenge is to make sure that job growth matches economic growth.

Whew... Hey, maybe Obama's right. Maybe it's nothing but recovery from here on out. But this is looking distinctly like a possible "Mission Accomplished" moment where victory is being declared prematurely.

This would seem to be based on a single month that showed 11,000 job losses. Yet nearly half a million people continue to file new unemployment claims each week and the majority of the "new jobs" that produced the reduced job losses were "temporary jobs" going into the holiday season--hardly a surprise.

Obama better know something the rest of us don't... because if the January numbers that will be reported in February start going up, his statement today is going to look decidedly silly.

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