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Colorado Has 64 Congressional Districts?   November 16th, 2009
$18 million joke @ Recovery.org       


More observations...

Remember the $18 million that was spent developing that oh-so-complicated database website, Recovery.org? It was supposed to help citizens track where their money was being misspent? The latest sport is finding all the errors in it...

For example, did you know that Colorado had 64 congressional districts?

(Click image for larger version, click here to see data on Recovery.org)

I'm pleased to discover that $10.1 million of stimulus funds created 0 jobs in congressional district 0 while $33,195 created 14 jobs in congressional district 64.

Which is all very fascinating since Colorado only has seven congressional districts. And, like other states, we start numbering our districts at #1, not at #0 as Recovery.org assumes.

There are apparently errors in Maryland's entries (Maryland has 8 congressional districts, not the 75 Recovery.org suggests), and Minnesota has 8 congressional districts, not the 57 suggested by Recovery.org.

Recovery.org, like the stimulus, is a monumental insult to the taxpayer. Especially considering Recovery.org was reported to have cost $18 million.

Heck, I would've been happy to develop that site for a cool million. And mine would've actually worked.

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