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CNN Now In Comedy Business   October 7th, 2009
Guess they gave up on reporting news       


More observations...

CNN marked its foray into the comedy business with a "fact check" of a comedy routine from Saturday Night Live.

This has been mentioned in lots of places and I wasn't going to pay attention to it, much less write about it. But after actually watching this CNN clip I just had to write something.

Last Saturday, Saturday Night Live started their show with the following comedy routine mocking Obama's lack of accomplishing much of anything.

I found the above skit funny because just that afternoon I had mentioned to my wife that, really, Obama has threatened a lot of things, but really so far all he has accomplished is the $787 billion stimulus. So to see Saturday Night Live make that same point, even in jest, made it that much more funny to me.

But, as we know, the old media is really just the propaganda arm of the Democrat party and it would obviously be bad for that Saturday Night Live comedy skit to go unanswered.

So CNN fact-checked SNL's comedy skit!

The CNN "fact-check" piece is probably as funny as the SNL skit. The very fact that the old media was fact-checking comedy was absurd enough to be humorous in and of itself.

But check out the video at about 2:45 where it is declared that the Obama skit won't resonate as much with the audience as Tina Fey's "dead-on impersonation" of then-Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

So... the old media decided to fact-check comedy. It then jumped to the defense of Obama. It then felt the need to bring up a year-old sketch in order to take another dig at Sarah Palin (whose yet-to-be-released book has been #1 for about a week at Amazon), and in the process said that SNL's characterization of Obama wasn't accurate while characterizing SNL's characterization of Sarah Palin as "dead on."

It doesn't matter what you think of Obama or Palin--this double-standard is so obvious it's just sad. And it's funny.

The old media's commitment to defending President Obama and its never-ending quest to destroy Sarah Palin really demonstrates, once again, its lack of objectivity. And the fact that they've been reduced to fact-checking comedy speaks for itself. It's like we're in some alternate reality where the absurd happens on a daily basis. It's surreal.

This is why the old media has died and is going bankrupt left and left.

But maybe CNN will be able to compete with Saturday Night Live in the comedy market.

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