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Chrysler Worse Than We Thought   September 16th, 2009
Once again, conservatives were right       


More observations...

It's already clear that the "taxpayers" aren't going to get much, if anything, back from the auto bailouts. But now it turns out that Chrysler is "worse than we thought." (Is that even possible?)

The situation at recently rescued Chrysler Group is even more dire than first thought, the CEO of Italy's Fiat -- which came to the aid of the U.S. automaker -- said Wednesday...

More likely, Turner said, Marchionne is laying the groundwork for drastic actions that will be announced in November but may have been planned all along.

"That is that Chrysler is over, basically," he said of Chrysler's flagship car brand. "Within five years, you're going to see nothing"...

Even if the Chrysler name survives, Turner predicted, the vehicles marketed under that name will be Fiat products.

So after approximately $9 billion in government money being funneled into Chrysler, and a forced merger with a foreign company, it's possible that all that will survive is the name.

What a great investment! Not.

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