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Pelosi Pushes Free Lunch, Part II   September 10th, 2009
Does she actually believe this stuff she says?       


More observations...

Two months ago I observed that Pelosi was pushing a free lunch concept. This was in the context of a "something for nothing" approach because, she said, most people wouldn't pay more in taxes but would get additional benefits. So it would look like a free lunch to those that weren't paying. Today, however, she topped her own previous free lunch campaign.

At a separate event, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters... that despite the price tag, there's no limit on the help people will receive.

"There's a cap on what you pay in in premiums. There's no cap on what you receive back," Pelosi added.

Come on! I mean, come on!

There's a limit to what you pay but there's no limit to what you get? And this is supposed to be sustainable?

How can any educated person say that? Just as worrisome, how can anyone believe it?

COME ON! This liberal "free lunch" nonsense is just getting ridiculous now.

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