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1,000,000 Jobs = 150,000 Jobs   July 14th, 2009
Administration thinks the numbers are the same, or someone is fudging numbers       


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There seems to be some disconnect regarding how many jobs have been "saved or created" by Obama's $787 billion deficit spending package. Depending on what administration communication channels you look at, either 150,000 jobs have been "saved or created" or north of a million have.

On May 27th, 2009, the administration claimed that 150,000 jobs had been "saved or created" by the spending package. That number was repeated on June 8th by Vice President Biden and again on July 8th by the White House.

Yet if you visit Barack Obama's campaign website , the stimulus bill (referred to as "Jobs Created or Saved by the Recovery Act") has supposedly saved/created 396,000 jobs in California, 269,000 in Texas, and 215,000 in New York--supposedly 880,000 jobs saved/created in those three states. Heck, Florida alone is flagged as having 206,000 jobs saved/created by the spending package.

How exactly can those four states supposedly have saved/created 1,086,000 jobs when the administration has been saying 150,000? Why isn't the administration saying "more than a million jobs have been saved/created" when that many have supposedly been saved in just four states? Florida alone has supposedly saved/created more jobs than Obama is claiming nationwide.

Of course, the truth is that there's no way to know how many jobs have been saved so the whole claim is purely theoretical propaganda with no supporting evidence. And regardless of theoretical propaganda, it's quite obvious that the Obama administration and/or Obama campaign is just throwing numbers out there, and the numbers you get from Obama depends on where you get the numbers from Obama.

Meanwhile, despite the Obama administration claiming 150,000 jobs saved or created and the campaign website claiming more than a million, the reality is that over 2 million jobs have been lost since Obama's spending package was passed and unemployment has increased 1.4%.

There is little evidence that Obama's deficit spending package was a good plan, less evidence that it's working, and no evidence that the administration's employment numbers are based on anything more than wishful theoretical thinking with a heavy dose of political spin.

Hat tip to Jeff Emanuel at RedState for the original observation. Jeff's article is perfectly fine, but this information deserves to be reported as much as possible by as many people as possible.

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