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Neda Dies in Iran, Obama "Measured"   June 21st, 2009


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The protests in Iran continue, and so does the killing at the hands of the government. Obama continues his "measured" non-response. But I hope this video, apparently from Iran this weekend, will finally move our president beyond what he considers safe and measured rhetoric.

Warning: This video is graphic, and it brought tears to my eyes.

May the government of Iran be damned, and may the Iranians have the courage, strength, and conviction to throw down a government that engages in this kind of violence against its own citizens. My prayers go out to Neda's family, friends, and to all Iranians that are fighting for freedom. And may those Iranians that are fighting against freedom and killing innocent girls burn in hell for all eternity.

Meanwhile, Obama today said:

President Obama stuck to his carefully tailored response to Iran's internal crisis Sunday despite pressure from Republican critics, as he continued to speak up for protesters' rights without making specific demands on Iran's hard-line leaders.

"The last thing that I want to do is to have the United States be a foil for those forces inside Iran who would love nothing better than to make this an argument about the United States," Obama said in an interview released Sunday. "We shouldn't be playing into that."

We shouldn't be playing into that President Obama? Damn it, this is not a game! People are dying in their fight against oppression, seeking freedom, and the president of the United States is worried about diplomatic nuances and saying the wrong thing? If, after seeing the above video, the president's response to-date doesn't make you sick, I don't know what to say. The Iranian government is going to blame the West and the U.S. regardless of what Obama says--in fact, they already are trying to blame the U.S. Iranians know better, Mr. President, give them some credit.

President Obama, it is time for you to condemn the oppression in Iran. It is time for you to condemn the killing. Don't issue a press release. Don't use your press secretary. Don't use delicate words that allow you to avoid staking a position. Get out there in front of the camera and speak forcefully. Refer specifically to this girl, Neda, by name, and condemn the government of Iran for taking her life. Give her the voice that was brutally taken from her, and give voice to the oppressed in Iran, and say that the United States is behind those that risk and give their lives for freedom. The time has passed to "mourn the loss of every innocent life lost" (Obama's words). It is now time to be enraged, Mr. President. How dare do you act or appear otherwise. Neda and others will not be saved by your silence.

At some point the government of Iran will be overthrown. That's what happens to governments that oppress their people. It might happen in the current uprising it or it might happen in the future. But when it happens, after more Iranians die, and they finally ask us, "Where were you? We were fighting for freedom, and did you even express support?," what will our answer be?

The people of Iran currently hate us for things they perceive us having done in the past. The next generation of Iranians might hate us for what we don't do today. Or what we don't say.

This should not be a hard decision for the president of the United States. If this administration is not willing to take a stand on questions of freedom and oppression, what does this administration stand for?

I've been opposed to virtually everything this administration has done so far, that's no secret. But today is the first day this administration has literally made me feel sick.

    Update 6/22/2009: Senator John McCain did what I hope the president will do. He mentioned Neda by name on the Senate floor and narrated Neda's story. I hope President Obama will make similar mention of Neda tomorrow at his press conference.

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