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Why Does Ritter Hate...?   June 8th, 2009
Some insight regarding those "Ritter Hate" signs       


More observations...

A quick observation about some local Colorado news...

Recently there have been signs around Colorado with messages such as "Why does Ritter Hate Taxpayers?" For those not from Colorado, Ritter refers to Colorado Governor Ritter. The insinuation has been made that this was a Republican campaign. I just noticed something that might provide a real clue.

From a Denver Post article last week:

Like wild mushrooms, handmade signs bashing Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter have been popping up along Colorado highways this spring...

"Why does Ritter hate taxpayers?" reads one sign near Monument on I-25. Another sign near Castle Rock asks, "Why does Ritter hate Douglas Cty?" while one near Colorado Springs wonders, "Why does Ritter hate El Paso Cty?"...

So, who is putting up the signs? Not the Colorado Republican Party, says chairman Dick Wadhams.

"We did not have anything to do with those," Wadhams said, adding that he does not know who is behind the signs.

That explanation is tough to swallow for David Kenney, campaign manager for Ritter's re-election effort.

"Dick Wadhams saying that Republicans have nothing to do with the signs is a little like the mob saying they don't know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried," Kenney said. "Of course, they do."

The clear insinuation--if not accusation--is that Republicans are responsible for these "Why does Ritter Hate" signs.

Then today I just noticed the following article, also from the Denver Post:

Colorado firefighters ripped Gov. Bill Ritter today for vetoing a collective-bargaining bill and hinted they won't be working on his 2010 re-election bid...

At that, a cheer went up among crowd of firefighters and union members, who gathered at the AFL-CIO headquarters on Denver's western edge. Some held signs that said, "Why does Ritter hate firefighters?"

If you can't see it in the second image, click the image to go to the article at the Denver Post that shows the full-size image where the sign "Why does Ritter hate firefighters?" is clearly visible. And that's at an AFL-CIO rally.

What are the possibilities that these "Why does Ritter hate" signs are from Democrats and AFL-CIO rather than Republicans?

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