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Obama Must Reduce Expectations   November 9th, 2008
After creating high expectations, Obama's first job is to lower them       


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The very day after the election, the media started reporting how Obama's first job after raising expectations during the campaign was to lower them back to reality.


President-elect Barack Obama inspired Americans with a promise of change that will improve their lives. He has raised their expectations. His first priority on taking office will be to lower them.


"I think it's important for the American people to know that many of our options have been diminished because of the downturn in the economy in the last couple of months," Pelosi said.


President-elect Barack Obama has begun an effort to tamp down what his aides fear are unusually high expectations among his supporters, and will remind Americans regularly throughout the transition that the nation's challenges are substantial and will take time to address.

I find it frustrating that after having built their whole campaign on the hope for far-reaching "change" that their first reaction to winning is to reduce the "unusually high expectations" that they themselves created.

They even started trying to lower expectations before the election:


Barack Obama's senior advisers have drawn up plans to lower expectations for his presidency if he wins next week's election, amid concerns that many of his euphoric supporters are harboring unrealistic hopes of what he can achieve.

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