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Obama Approval Suffering   June 5th, 2009
Don't care much about polls, but worth mentioning       


More observations...

Polls are fickle so I don't usually care about 1-day movements. But today marks the first day that, according to Rasmussen , President Obama has a 0% Presidential Approval rating.

That means that the number of people that strongly approve of President Obama is equal to the number of people that strongly disapprove.

Interestingly that number has gone from +10% to 0 in the space of a week. In the same week Obama's total approval rating has dropped from 59% (his highest approval in three months) to 54% (tied for the lowest approval of his presidency). And, also, his total disapproval has gone from 40% (his lowest in two months) to 46% (tied for his highest disapproval of his presidency).

I wrote in April that "... More people approve of Obama than his actual policies--people like him but not what he's doing. And that can't last forever." It might be premature to say that that differential is starting to impact his approval ratings, but the movements of the last week show a shift in his polling numbers that would seem to exceed the normal day-to-day or even week-to-week variations that have been observed throughout the first five months of his presidency. The shift has been significant and rapid.

What has happened in the last week or so? Some things include the GM bailout ending in bankruptcy. A sudden jump in mortgage rates due, most likely, to increased deficit spending. Obama recently made some questionable comments regarding our support of Israel to an Arab audience in Cairo. The president suggested a less than hard line regarding Iran acquiring nuclear power. And North Korea detonated another nuclear weapon and launched multiple missiles.

There is definitely plenty to be worried about and plenty to be critical of. The fact that Obama's numbers are moving down would suggest that Americans are paying attention.

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