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Bidenwatch: Biden Slams President   May 27th, 2009
You can't make this stuff up... you really can't       


More observations...

With friends like Vice President Joe Biden, does President Obama need enemies? That's got to be what Obama's thinking right about now. In this humorous clip, the vice president effectively slams and/or mocks the president for the president's dependence on the teleprompter.

Go, Biden, go! I mean, it seems like criticism of the president for his teleprompter-dependence has diminished lately... probably due to it just getting to be a boring topic. So there's nothing like having the vice-president bringing it right back onto the front page. I think someone's going to get a scolding tonight.

You have to wonder who's side Biden is on. He's definitely not on the Republican's side, but it's questionable whether he's on Obama's side. Maybe he's on Senator Specter's side? Whatever side that is...

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