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GOP is Already Inclusive   May 24th, 2009
Powell is simply a liberal       


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The Powell vs. Limbaugh feud has been going on for months. But Powell's recent charge that the GOP must be more "inclusive" is just absurd.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell says he's still a Republican, but the party needs to change and be more inclusive...

Powell says if the GOP doesn't reach out to more people, then the party will rest on a narrow base of supporters. Powell says that by moving to the right, the GOP risks losing right-of-center Republicans to Democratic and independent parties.

The GOP is already inclusive of anyone that believes in small government and low taxes. Contrary to Powells' comments that hasn't changed or become more extreme in decades. It is what it is. The GOP has lost election precisely because it has been listening to "moderating" voices (such as Powell's) that, if anything, have moved it to the left... not the right.

If Powell is looking for a political party that is for bigger government and higher taxes, that'd be the Democratic party and he's free to join it. While I personally think that's a bad choice, there's certainly no significant public shame in making that choice if that's what be believes in.

Given what Powell has said since the election I really am not sure why he believes he is a Republican. I'd be curious exactly what principles of the Republican party Powell supports.

The Republican party must be steadfast in its conservative principles. It shouldn't be about chasing the voters; rather the party must remain based on a constant set of core principles that are supported by experience, reality, common sense, personal responsibility, and individual liberty.

If we do that then we won't have to chase voters. They'll come back all by themselves.

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