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Obama Is "McSame"   May 16th, 2009
Obama is continuing many Bush policies       


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During the campaign liberals attacked candidate McCain for being "McSame" since they perceived he would just continue Bush's policies. Well, those liberals voted for Obama and it turns out that Obama is actually McSame.

Candidate Obama promised to bring change to Washington, campaigning early against President Bush's anti-terror tactics.

But critics and supporters suggest the events of the past week show Washington is changing President Obama, as he revises -- but doesn't overhaul -- some of Bush's key national security policies.

Obama restarted the military tribunals established by his predecessor and blocked the release of photos that show U.S. troops abusing detainees, in both cases riling liberals who are important campaign-year foot soldiers and fundraisers...

But Obama has slowed the pace of withdrawal from Iraq and is sending more troops to Afghanistan. His decision to revive the military tribunals at Guantanamo may prevent him from closing the prison in January as scheduled, because experts say it is unlikely the process can be wrapped up by the deadline.

I guess we can be pleased that President Obama is apparently looking at the facts and realizing they conflicted with his arguably naive statements on the campaign trail. The unfortunate part is that so many people bought into this naive mindset.

It is also unfortunate that Obama has essentially continued the Bush policy of bailouts and massive spending. This is another aspect of the Bush administration that Obama is continuing.

Obama doesn't seem to be changing all that much. Maybe he's "Bush Light" when it comes to some matters of the War on Terror and "Bush on Steroids" when it comes to bailouts and spending. He's certainly more liberal on social issues. But on some of the hot-button issues of the 2008 election, he's continuing Bush's policies.

But Democratic consultant and former congressional candidate Nick Leibham compared Obama's reversals to Leibham's days as a criminal prosecutor, when "oftentimes, where I started wasn't always where I ended up" because of emerging facts.

"That's what you're seeing with the president," he told FOX News. "He has a different set of advisers than he did out on the campaign trail. He's listening to all points of view. And as president of the United States, he now has access to all the intelligence and all of the confidential briefing materials.

"His thinking has evolved. He's doing what's right for America, and we should applaud that because I think that's a refreshing change."

This is an audacious example of spin. So when President Bush did these things and was criticized for apparently (in public) ignoring other options, that was bad. Now that Obama has been president a few months and has been confronted with the reality that Bush was apparently doing the right things, that's a "refeshing change?"

Shouldn't Obama perhaps issue a public apology to Bush for having incessantly criticized him for things that Obama has apparently now conceded were actually the right things to be doing?

This is to say nothing of the current fiasco with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who can't seem to get her spin right regarding what and when she knew about waterboarding. She criticized the Bush administration on this for years but apparently was briefed about it by the CIA as long ago as 2002 and raised no objections. Now her story and "clarifications" keep changing and are becoming less believable by the day. Even the liberal mainstream media doesn't seem to be buying it because there's no way to spin her inconsistent statements into anything that makes sense.

There seems to be an emerging trend that would appear to confirm that some leading Democrats will just say anything to get elected. Obama seems to have said anything to get elected and Pelosi seems to be lying in order to secure re-election and conserve her role as Speaker of the House.

It'll be interesting to see if liberals--both rank-and-file as well as Democratic leaders--hold either of them accountable. Conservatives are in the process of cleaning house in the Republican party. It would appear that Democrats need to consider doing the same.

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