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Obama Releasing Guantanamo Terrorists in U.S.?   April 30th, 2009
Is this real?       


More observations...

This is "breaking news" so perhaps (and hopefully) it's wrong... but there are reports that President Obama has overridden the FBI and DHS's recommendations and will be releasing some terrorists imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay in the U.S.

Moving quickly to release Chinese Uighur terrorists into the United States, Obama administration officials have -- for the second time -- overridden objections of federal agencies responsible for national security...

That panel found that the seventeen Uighurs -- members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement captured at an al-Queda training camp in Pakistan -- were too dangerous to release in the United States.

Now -- according to a federal agency source who requested anonymity -- the White House has also overridden opposition to the release from both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Beginning yesterday and continuing today, Obama administration officials are briefing key members of Congress on the release, which may happen as early as next week.

So we've been detaining these terrorist at Guantanamo Bay and now the Obama Administration is going to release them? In the United States?

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that Vice President Biden said "I guarantee you we are safer today, our interests are more secure today than they were any time during the eight years."

Really? We're safer today with Chinese terrorists being released on the streets of America? Is this some kind of sick joke?

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