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Another Liberal Misunderstands Taxes   April 21st, 2009
The liberal line is that paying taxes = patriotism       


More observations...

At some point it becomes clear when the liberals have adopted a new party line. Amazingly, it would seem that Vice President Biden's campaign rhetoric about paying taxes being an act of "patriotism" is the new party line of the Democratic party. What was essentially a gaffe-a "Bidenism"--has now actually become something liberals have chosen to run with. Intentionally.

Some people wouldn't dream of cheating anywhere else but they don't worry about cheating on their tax returns if they think they could get away with it.
I've always thought that Uncle Sam goes about trying to get us to pay our taxes the wrong way.

The IRS never appeals to us as patriotic Americans...

Maybe because the IRS, unlike liberals in general, understands that paying taxes is not patriotism. It's a necessary evil. It's treated like death, as in "nothing is certain but death and taxes." There's a reason that taxes are viewed in that light and patriotism isn't.

but generally speaking I think Americans are willing to pay their income taxes. They just want to be damn sure they paid their share - not their share and part of someone else's.

This bolded text is absolutely amazing. Is the author of this article really this ignorant of the tax code? If he's paying federal taxes he is paying someone else's share. By design! 43% of the "tax units" in the country are not paying any taxes which means the rest of us are all paying our share, plus some share of the other 43%.

And under President Obama's stimulus package, the federal government is actually taking money from the taxpayers and giving it to those 43% that don't pay taxes. We're not only paying their share of the cost of government, the government is literally stuffing our money in their pockets!

How does someone that is so ignorant about the tax code get a job writing commentary on the tax code?


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