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Obama's Economy IS Sand, Not Rock   April 14th, 2009
Obama's statements on economy are absolutely astounding       


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President Obama is ironically stating today that we need to build our economy on rock, and not the sand of too much debt. Is he kidding? How can he say that with a straight face?

Obama said all of his economic policies are designed to build an economy for the long haul, one that isn't built on quick profits, too much debt, and stagnant wages. Quoting the Sermon on the Mount, Obama said the economy must be built on rock, not sand, an economy that is "proud, sturdy and unwavering in face of the greatest storm."

Does the president think no-one knows what is going on? How can he make the statements above with a straight face?

Obama has taken the irresponsible spending of President Bush and gone much further. We're now expecting trillion dollar deficits for at least a decade. Just as the Social Security problem is about to cause major stress on the federal budget, Obama plans to further increase government obligations and increase its debt--which leads to more money being need to pay interest on the debt which makes us less able to deal with the Social Security problem. We've so entirely run out of money that the government is now printing it!

This is Obama's idea of building an economy on a rock? It looks more like quicksand to me.

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