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Tax Freedom Day Highlights High Taxes   April 10th, 2009
We spend more on taxes than on housing       


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An article about Monday's "tax freedom day" does a really good job at highlighting some of the insanity when it comes to the government's response to the economic crisis, especially the housing market.

Americans will pay more in taxes in 2009, according to the report, than they will spend on food, clothing and housing combined.

So we're in a situation where people are having a hard time paying for their housing. The government is borrowing, taxing, and spending more and more in an attempt to try to resolve the housing crisis.

But isn't the answer obvious? Any ideas? Hint: "Americans will pay more in taxes in 2009 than they spend on housing."

Is it possible that Americans are paying too much money in taxes? Is it possible that if we paid less in taxes, many of us would be in a better position to whether the current housing crisis? If people weren't paying so much in taxes, perhaps they could afford to pay an extra few hundred bucks a month when their ARM rates jump?

Indeed the article is correct. I just completed my income taxes and I paid far more in federal income taxes than I did on my mortgage last year. If it weren't for federal income taxes, I would be about half done paying for the house I bought three years ago. And if it weren't for federal income taxes, once my house was paid off after about six years, can you imagine the amount of money I'd be saving to make sure I would never be a burden to society? And how much money I'd be spending to "stimulate" the economy because I no longer had my monthly mortgage payment?

I find it amazing that anyone can argue that taxes are not a drag on the economy. As I just illustrated, the amazing economic impact--both to myself and to the economy and society--of being able to pay my house off in six years (rather than 30) would require just one thing: the federal government getting out of my way.

Instead, the government seems to be doing just the opposite. Increasing our taxes, increasing our debt, devaluing the value of our money, and increasing energy costs. The government seems to be doing everything it can to get in my way.

So, no, I'm not very hopeful of being able to pay off my mortgage in six years.

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