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CNN Advertising for ACORN   April 6th, 2009
I've given up pointing out liberal bias in the media, but this was rediculous       


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I've generally given up pointing out cases of liberal bias in the press since November. Yes, the media has a liberal bias. Yes, the majority of Americans know it. So why dwell and point it out every time it happens? Doing so will cause us to get stuck on that topic and divert attention from the big issues. However, I couldn't help but write a quick comment today.

An article at CNN today basically reads like an advertisement for ACORN--the liberal organization accused of election fraud in multiple states in 2008 and before.

1. How much does the service cost? "You should never pay a nickel for foreclosure-prevention counseling," said Austin King, a spokesman for the community organizer Acorn. "The companies that charge for this service are profit driven, not mission driven, and they can charge up to a couple of thousand dollars for doing an hour's work."

Organizations like Acorn, which has offered foreclosure counseling for 20 years, provide expert, HUD-certified caseworkers at no charge to homeowners. They're paid with funds from the government, private foundations and lenders.

2. How long has the organization performed foreclosure-prevention counseling? Longer, of course, is better. Counselors should be fully up to speed on how to handle the particular problems of their clients. Each case may be unique, but experienced counselors can apply what they've learned to other particular cases.

Not every organization has been handling foreclosure problems as long as Acorn, but if they just got into the field a few months ago, they may not yet be fully up to speed.

The article was absurd. Not only did it sound like a commercial for an organization that CNN knows has been accused of election fraud, that last sentence seems like it was jammed in there after the fact by someone that didn't write the rest of the article. It's like someone wanted to highlight that Acorn has been doing it for a long time and that other organizations haven't.

Anyway, the irony of an article warning people about fraudulent foreclosure counselors subsequently recommending that those people trust an organization that has a history of election fraud was just too priceless to ignore.

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