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Obama Resigns from Senate   November 13th, 2008
In time to avoid Special Session of Congress       


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Though by no means unexpected, Senator Obama announced his resignation effective Sunday, November 16th. This will allow him to avoid participating in the special session of Congress that begins the next day.


President-elect Barack Obama said Thursday he's resigning from the Senate, effective Sunday... Congress is scheduled to meet in a special session next week.

Once again Obama avoids having to participate substantially in the current crisis.

First he opted out of making any comments or joining McCain in addressing the financial crisis when it first erupted in September, choosing instead to continue his campaign . Then he avoided giving a clear signal on his solution to the crisis this week by opting out of the Economic Summit of the G-20 in Washington, D.C., instead sending two people to represent him in a primarily listening capacity. And now he has resigned from the Senate the day before Congress is to convene to address pressing issues involving the bailout, among them a possible bailout of the Big Three automakers--something that he presumably supports and owes to his union supporters in Detroit.

Does anyone know what his plans are for the economy when he takes office? So far all we've been able to do is speculate at the things he might not be able to afford but does Obama have anything in the hopper other than to just keep bailing out company after company--something that we're already doing without his leadership? If he has a solution to the economic crisis, it sure seems like it'd be a good idea to unveil it.

Given all his eagerness over the last two years to govern the country and speak so often to the people, when is he going to start sending some signals on what he wants to do when he takes office? The country and the world are waiting and Obama is becoming uncharacteristically quiet.

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