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Obama Ignores Economy, Market Rallies   March 13th, 2009
The less Obama says about the economy, the better the market does       


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After a month of consecutive weekly losses in the stock market, we close this week with a cumulative 9% rally. What was different this week? President Obama made his focus something else. The significance of this cannot be overstated.

President Obama defended his decision Friday to turn his attention this week away from bank woes and the recession to discuss education and health-care reform.

Consider that, as I wrote last month, whenever the Obama administration has made a major economic announcement, the market has tanked without fail. Now we have a week during which the Obama administration has basically remained silent on the economy... and the market rallies.

Six weeks of Obamanomics caused the market to dive 16%. A week without Obanamonics led to a 9% rally.

At some point it has to be acknowledged that this is not coincidence.

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