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The Audacity of Hypocrisy   March 13th, 2009
President Obama's rhetoric isn't consistent with his actions       


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It's amazing how right and how wrong President Obama can be at the exact same time.

Obama blamed the crisis on 'reckless speculation and spending beyond our means; on bad credit and inflated home prices and overleveraged banks.'...

'Such activity isn't the creation of lasting wealth,' he said. 'It's the illusion of prosperity, and it hurts us all in the end.'

President Obama is, in large part, correct. He's definitely right in the second paragraph.

Yet one has to ask: How does he have the audacity to utter those words after promoting, celebrating, and signing a $787 spending bill that will be paid for by future generations? Or after proposing a budget with a $1.7 trillion single-year deficit? How is that not spending beyond our means?

How is it not the illusion of fixing the problem but which will hurt us in the end?

When the president isn't busy talking down the economy, he has the ability to say the right things. Unfortunately, his actions don't seem to be consistent with what he says.

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