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Obama Apparently Against Nuclear Energy   March 5th, 2009
Obama eliminates funding for Yucca Mountain nuclear storage site       


More observations...

The Obama administration has indicated that it will eliminate funding for the Yucca Mountain facility in Nevada which was to serve as a nuclear waste facility for the country. Although the administration is portraying the decision as reflecting their belief that there is a better solution to dealing with nuclear waste, it would seem more probable that this is more of an indication of Obama's position on nuclear energy.


Despite the $13.5 billion that has been spent on the project, the Obama administration says it's going in a different direction.

It slashed funding for Yucca Mountain in its recently announced budget...

Obama's 2010 budget calls for scrapping all spending on Yucca Mountain except for what is needed to answer questions from the NRC on the license application "while the administration devises a new strategy toward nuclear waste disposal."

That isn't sitting well with some congressional supporters of nuclear energy development.

The Obama administration says it's "going in a different direction?" Either you store the nuclear waste somewhere or you let it sit at nuclear sites around the country. What other directions are there? Further, the development of nuclear energy will not flourish if there's no clearly defined plan regarding what to do with the spent fuel.

Unless more information is forthcoming, it would seem that this would be an effort on the part of the administration to kill future development of nuclear power plants.

Obama's supposed goal of energy independence is looking more and more absurd giving that his administration has already killed off-shore drilling, has essentially increased taxes on potential oil shale in Colorado and Utah , is planning on making everyone's energy more expensive thanks to energy taxes , and now appears intent to kill nuclear power.

Is Obama really betting the future energy needs of this country entirely on wind and solar? Maybe he should spend a few billion stimulus dollars to see if we can harness the power of millions of hamsters running on their treadmills.

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