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How Obama Can Win the Media   November 8th, 2008
The media created Obama... does he really need to win them over?       


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An amusing article about how Obama can win over the media. As if the media didn't create Obama starting around 2006.


I'd advise our new president to loosen up a bit when he deals with the media from this point on. The easiest way to get potential antagonists on your side is to smile and make light jokes. But Obama sometimes acts uneasily, as if he's about to sit down and take the LSAT.

Everyone in the media will be watching Obama, waiting for him to trip up and look bad.

It's nothing personal against him. But as I have written in this space before, the media love nothing more than to build you up, and then knock you down. This phenomenon takes place in every strata of life, from politics and business to sports and entertainment.

The worst thing Obama can do right off the bat is gain a reputation for complaining about his coverage in the media.

The emphasis is my own, but I found the entire article rather humorous. The article is right that the media did build up Obama--both before and during the 2008 election cycle--but why would Obama complain about the media?

The media basically created Obama. I remember wondering, just before the 2006 election, who Obama was and why the media was so enamored with him? All the sudden there was article after article about him even though he wasn't running for any office in the 2006 election.

It seems it all started with his photo-op trip to Africa in August 2006 that received far more coverage than your typical Congressional junket. Sometime soon after that (or maybe at that same time, given the unusual coverage of the junket), it seems the media just decided he was going to be president. A Google Search by date shows that, indeed, there was virtually no coverage of Obama until the last half of 2006, following his trip to Africa.

And now he's going to be president. And the CBS article thinks Obama needs to be concerned about winning over the media?

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